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Body & Style Analysis

Everyone inherits a special body from generations. It is true that we tend to compare ourselves with others ignoring our positive features. The analysis will give you a clearer understanding of the styles which compliment your body shape to make you feel totally confident of your appearance.

Do Fashion magazines make you conscious of yourself or they make you think to know more about yourself?
Learn how to choose the right clothing for your body. All bodies are beautiful. The secret is to focus on your assets and camouflage the parts of your body that make you conscience.

What is it?
You are made to understand your body proportions, face, shape and body scale. VRIC provides you with personalized style guidelines to make sure that you find the most flattering cuts, fabrics and styles getting you to be your very best. You receive a customized body style report that shows the styles look best on you and the styles to avoid.

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