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Today, workplace becomes increasingly more competitive; knowing the proper way to behave can make all the difference between getting ahead…. and getting left behind. VRIC provides you with all-important tools for building solid, productive relationships with your business associates-interactions that will help propel you and your company straight to the top. Our aim at VRIC is to instill the self-confidence that comes with knowing not just what to do, but also why certain behavior is appropriate. We believe in “Right behavior to receive a positive response.” We hold that everyday manners and workplace manners are inseparable. No matter the situation in which you find yourself, VR Image Consulting will give you the confidence to meet the challenges of the work world with confidence and poise --- because today, more than ever, good manners mean good business.

Emily Post has rightly said “Whenever two people come together and their behavior affects one another, you have etiquette. Etiquette is not some rigid code of manners; it’s simply how persons’ lives touch one another.”

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