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Image Consultancy for Men

Most men don’t realize how much fashion choices impact their professional and personal success. You need the right look for important business meetings; business casual, special event or a first date. It is vital to create your own comfortable style to reflect the most dreamt image.

Total Audit-
In just 3 days, I can help you to totally transform the way you want to look. We will start with a style and colour analysis to help you understand which palette of colours and style of garments are best going to suit your natural body liners. You will be given tips and advice on how to update your hairs and grooming, with a new hair style if required and a thorough guide to shirts, trousers, shoes, ties and accessories. VR Image Consulting will help you to understand your own style preference, advice you on which styles suit your body shape and help you to create the appropriate look for your lifestyle. A days style analysis session will provide you with personal guidelines for your work and leisure wardrobe, including that difficult business casual look!

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