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Wardrobe Management

A wardrobe evaluation and planning session will teach you how to gain the most from your closet. Imagine no more what-to-wear dilemmas.

Wardrobe Planning – Let's face it: You are emotionally attached to the clothes in your closet. A study reveals we usually wear 20% of the 80% of the clothes we have in the wardrobe.
Don't despair! Let us sort through your current wardrobe and organize it. An image consultant will review all your clothes and recommend which items compliments you most of the time and which are not right for you. It's like going shopping in your own closet. You will then be given a shopping list to complete the season's wardrobe. Here you will also get rid of many of your unflattering favorites. Once we have identified your color, body, lifestyle and personality, the consultant will assist you working through your wardrobe.

You are introduced to “the new you,” packaged in “your personalized style.”
We work towards your desired look. Starting from color, body and style analysis, advice on make-up, hair, weight, cosmetic requirements, groomed look, working all the way to shoes, bags and accessories fitting in office, casual, party and formal weddings.

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